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Corporate Food SPIRAL® Program License

Food Fitness First®, Inc., will license your company to teach and use the Food Spiral® with your employees for the entire calendar year.

The license will provide each company with the following:

On Site Staff Training & Certification:

This includes a 2 day on-site teacher training class with Pam Thompson RD, or one of her certified trainers. This teacher training & certification class includes:

  • Step by step training on 2 Food SPIRALs (Healthy, Diabetes, or Low-Sodium) 

  • How to teach the spirals to others

  • How to find an employee’s Favorable Fitness Factor

  • How to troubleshoot employee's concerns

  • How to motivate your employees

  • Meal & menu planning

  • Question and answer sessions

Online Mobile Training for
the your employees:

We will provide your company with a full set of interactive training modules. The Modules will play on a desktop or mobile device and allow your employees to access the training when and where they want.

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Suggested Meals and Menus:

Employees will have access to starter menus and meals, based on different dietary challenges.

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One-On-One Consultations

For difficult cases, one on one consultations are available, via video chat.

Packages start at $100 per session.

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Fast Food Charts:

Employees will be able to search for menu items of popular fast food restaurants. They will be able to search for menu items that match the employee’s Food Factor number.

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A Help Desk with Support Tickets:

Company administrators will have access to a custom list of support articles to help answer any questions they might have.

In addition, administrators can seek further support by submitting a ticket to one of our certified Food Fitness First Registered Dietitians.

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